Google SWE-SRE Dublin Vs Uber Hyderabad Vs Graviton(HFT) Gurgaon

Microsoft fire_
Aug 12 13 Comments

Hi guys,

Please help me in choosing one of them. I'm really confused!

Google SRE:
- It's google
- I'm from India and it's a nice opportunity to explore Europe
- No real feature work, being a SRE I will have to manage the internal tools and platform
- Huge taxes in Dublin
-66000 + 90000 RSU/4 years + 15% Bonus

- Nice learning curve
- Food is good in Hyd office
- 25 base + 30/4 years RSU + bonus

Graviton India LLP
- Awesome HFT firm
- Very selective in who they are hiring
- Small team so a lot of learning opportunities
- Highest base pay in India almost as much as Tower Research
- 40 base + Bonus(20-30%)

Yoe: 3 years

Please help guys, I'm really confused!


Uber interview: Most difficult of 3. 2 System design rounds, 2 coding and 1 bar raiser and 1 hiring manager. The coding round was okayish and system design were a bit abstract. Also I didn't get good vibes from the hiring manager!

Google: Standard algo ds 4 rounds. Questions were average. There was one NALSD(non abstract large scale system design) which was kind of unique.

Graviton: OS, Networking, 3 algo ds round with focus on C++. Questions were new and had good time solving them.


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  • New / Eng snag
    My background: I moved from an HFT firm to Google.

    My advice: Don't go for HFTs unless you're the one driving their profits and get a big cut out of it. In general, HF knowledge is useless outside the domain.
    Aug 12 2
    • Tower Research Capital / Eng yatrcer
      Second this. Don't go to an HFT unless you would like to stay in the domain.
      Aug 12
    • FactSet chepandi
      I didn't work with an hft, but our work is similar. Also, have friends in different hft companies. Don't go unless that is exactly what you want to do. What you learn in first 1 year will be repeated for next several years.
      Aug 22
  • Walmart AssociateQ
    That 66k in dublin is 33 after tax.. then 2k / month rent.. etc etc.. Dublin is not a good option anymore.
    Aug 27 1
    • Workday / Eng marsattack
      No, it is not 33k after tax - it is 45k. He can rent a room for 1-1.2k + free food. I haven’t even counted rsu and bonus.
      Aug 28
  • New / Eng Qwaesdr
    Yes, how was the interview experience at each of them. A more expanded version, please.
    Aug 12 1
  • Microsoft


    Google, Amazon, Facebook
    DjenNow more
    Graviton- optimize for high growth + learning
    Aug 12 1
    • Microsoft


      Google, Amazon, Facebook
      DjenNow more
      Also, how were the interviews at each of them?
      Aug 12
  • Google eihdhd
    You are very confused about SWE-SRE.
    Aug 14 0
  • Amazon / Eng Gimme-Code
    Isn't uber on hiring freeze? Better double check with recruiter
    Aug 13 0
  • Workday / Eng marsattack
    Your cons in Google section are weird.
    - There are a lot opportunities after SRE-SWE, Dublin is a big IT HUB. I doubt you understand what is that position about
    - High taxes - yes, that is true. Some people are paying more than your base in taxes, so don't cry, lol!
    Aug 13 0
  • Apple ptfan
    Get a good idea about team in Uber. A couple of my friends got offers in an internal team called IT Engg and Prod. tools. It's basically building tools for employees like chat applications etc.
    Aug 13 0