Google Team Fit Meetings Prep

Undisclosed a6h43iz
Dec 3, 2018 2 Comments

I have some upcoming Team Fit Meetings at Google, and I'm wondering if I need to prepare. I'll have a mix of in-person and virtual meetings with different teams. What should I expect, and what should I do to prepare?


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TOP 2 Comments
  • Microsoft do_needful
    Just relax. They will be trying to recruit you.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Facebook hozer
    My culture fit interviews at Google were the worst. My three month interview with 7 people journey ended with “how googley are you?” interviews and a rejection phone call by a random junior recruiter who couldn’t tell me why no. An insider told me “you would be great culture fit for Google but not for the team.” Wtf does that even mean?? Lol
    Dec 3, 20180

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