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I wanted to ask about the trust and safety team at Google in various locations. Does it come under G&A ? Is it even possible to fathom a change to Product Management sometime down the line?

I currently work as a data scientist, and I wonder if any of my current skills would be used there? Airbnb trust and safety seems like it's part of the engg team with data scientists running the team. But everywhere else like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, it seems to matter much less.

Any input on career paths, future leverage while switching roles would help a lot in me deciding to apply or not.


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  • Spencer Stuart hibou
    Non tech companies take privacy and data protection really seriously. Eg American Express designs all their use cases and pilots with trust from the outset. All the banks are thinking about how they rework their trust teams. There is massive potential for this in your future if it’s of interest.
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