Google Zurich benefits

Feb 9 14 Comments

I was reading online that in Zurich you pay medical insurance every month which is around 200 CHF.

1. Does Google cover that for you or does that go out of your pocket?

2. Are there any Google buses from surrounding areas to the office?

3. What other benefits available other than gym and free food?

PS: Cleared hiring committee, I don’t have the offer numbers yet.


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  • Google w66ftyh
    No gBusses in ZRH. It's Europe, they have a strange concept called working public transit.
    Feb 9 0
  • Facebook kdpl86
    Google bus in Europe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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  • Google / Eng statusz
    1. They pay a lump sum 350 Fr or so per month for you and per your dependant out of which you pay for health insurance (tax deductible) and if there's any leftovers you can pocket them (taxable).

    2. Public transport is good enough in the city and neighborhood, there's no need for gbuses

    3. Not much. Phone and home internet with a business need only, e.g. oncall. Language lessons for your first years (if that hasn't been cut by recent cost cutting efforts). Paternity leave.

    Standard government mandated benefits: 25 vacation days, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, public (AHV) and private (pillar 2) pension plans. The latter comes with some sort of life insurance of 3x your salary and, additionally, all your unvested RSUs vest at death for the benefit of your family
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    • Also is the 350 Fr on top of the base pay?
      Feb 9
    • Google / Eng statusz
      Feb 10
    • Great! Thank you for the detailed response!

      How easy/hard is it to move from Zurich to MTV at L3/L4 in general?

      Are there additional interview loops?
      Feb 10
    • Google / Eng statusz
      With L4 and good perf, no problem to transfer after a year. A bit harder on L3 because less teams want you, but still doable if going to MTV due to sheer number of projects there. Ideally though just work on a promo to L4 in your first 1-2 years and transfer right after that, that's the best time. No interviews needed unless switching ladders
      Feb 10
    • Thanks @statusz!
      Feb 10
  • Apple Icml2017
    A bit off topic question: are you based in US or Europe? If you are based in US, did you directly interview for Google, Zurich (instead of US offices)?
    Feb 9 3
    • I’m based out of India. I interviewed directly for the Zurich office (phone screens followed by on sites in London) but ended up taking Zurich for my location preference.
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft / Eng caltrop
      Did you apply or were you contacted by a recruiter ?
      Feb 10
    • @caltrop - I was contacted by a recruiter
      Feb 10
  • Google / Eng zingone
    My allowance for insurance was more than I paid and you pocket the difference. No buses and you definitely won't need them, public transportation is amazing in Zurich, clean, frequent and on time.

    Language program is now cut, they just treat it as any other course, so they pay 1/3 of the cost. When I was there it was 5800 CHF for me and 5800 CHF for my wife to spend within 2 years (maybe 3 years).

    There used to be 3500 CHF yearly transportation allowance that got folded into the salary a year or so ago, not sure if they will actually offer you the difference folded into the salary, or if that was just a move to phase it out for new hires.
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