Google onsite for L5 next week

GlobalLogic cdoR07
Oct 5 6 Comments

Google onsite next week for L5, what can be expected? I am from mobile engineering domain. What kind of DS questions or system design be expected. Forgive please if posting something wrong way. All questions gonna be hard or medium as well.. completely confused..any advice please..

Yoe : 9
TC: working in small consulting 😀


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Google kweJ64
    Lube up.
    Oct 5 1
    • GlobalLogic cdoR07
      Haha...hey please advise...u r already sitting there
      Oct 5
  • Google uhavy71
    Read up system design. Be fast and accurate at coding.
    Oct 5 2
    • GlobalLogic cdoR07
      Am expecting they are not gonna focus much on server side, as I am from mobile client side? Is this correct expectation?
      Oct 5
    • GlobalLogic cdoR07
      I am trying best though for server side too
      Oct 5
  • Slalom Consulting It's!
    Expect l4 if you move from consulting!
    Oct 6 0


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