Google to Amazon?

Google / Eng cloudy sky
Aug 26 11 Comments

I’ve seen a lot of Amazon > Google but not much the other way.

I saw Amazon has an office in Santa Barbara, and am considering applying for a role there as I love SB. Google has an office there as well, but not for SWEs.

Anyone care to chime in that’s made the switch either way? I’m unhappy with my current org in Google (Ads), and am considering:
- Internal transfer + move
- External transfer, e.g. Amazon, Apple, etc., and move.

I understand Alexa isnt exactly a fan favorite at Amazon either. Also looking around, it seems like I’d be sacrificing TC and a lot of other things to make the switch.

Fwiw I don’t have an offer and haven’t applied, but I have the gall to be cocky enough to think if I apply, I will receive an offer.


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  • Don’t do it. Amazon culture is brutal.
    Aug 26 0
  • Amazon 01nch ew i
    Only if you can uplevel for more TC.
    Aug 26 0
  • Google topCon
    Only do it for 2 levels up, which is actually one level up. And higher TC of course.
    Aug 26 0
  • Amazon vbjimg
    A googler provided rough stats here earlier. Goog->Amzn move according to LinkedIn profiles was I think half or more the number of Amzn->Goog. I’d imagine level up/ TC bump is a big reason. You can always boomerang back to G later since you have good gall.
    Aug 26 0
  • Google / Eng fsck
    What about Google -> Apple? I'm considering jumping. Any thoughts?
    Aug 26 3
    • Google topCon
      I hear Apple WLB is quite bad.
      Aug 26
    • Apple fftwdfhuui
      Apple WLB is generally better then Facebook/Amazon. It’s very team dependent, you should discuss it with the team during your interviews.
      Aug 26
    • Facebook easzss
      Apple WLB is worse than FB
      Aug 27
  • Amazon CulStryBro
    This is only possible to answer with more info. At least your current TC and YOE. Then we can tell you how to match that comp at Amazon, if possible. I work with several former Googlers, but all L6+ because Amazon almost certainly isn't going to beat your comp at L4/L5 (i.e. if you are an L3/L4 at Google).
    Aug 27 2
    • Google / Eng cloudy sky
      L3 $160k TC. 1yr Google, 4 years industry experience. Not Bay Area.
      Aug 27
    • Amazon CulStryBro
      If you can uplevel to L5 at Amazon (i.e. G L4 equivalent) you can beat that handily.
      Aug 27