Green card related timeline questions

Amazon / Eng somecsdude
Aug 29, 2018 11 Comments

1. How long does it take after priority date becomes current till actually getting the card?

2. Is it absolutely safe to switch employer after getting the green card, or there’s a period that your previous employer can technically revoke the sponsorship? If so, how long is that?

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  • Ur gc cannot be revoked by previous employer. If u leave soon after getting GC, u may have issues while taking citizenship coz u r potentially portraying urself as an opportunist. If u can convincingly justify ur move u r all set
    Aug 29, 2018 7
    • Salesforce / Eng McEwan
      Wait, what? Is there a safe interim period after you get your green card before you can switch jobs? That doesn’t make sense. Your citizenship application process will not be impacted by a change in employment after procuring GC.
      Aug 29, 2018
    • Amazon liste
      If USCIS concludes you never intended to work at the job on your i140 then they could conclude that your original greencard was fraudulently obtained, deny your application for citizenship, and revoke your greencard.

      Why risk that?

      General advice I've seen is 6m at the GC company before switching.
      Aug 29, 2018
    • Salesforce / Eng McEwan
      @liste 1. You’re assuming that the employee stays with the same organization that filed for 140. For a classic Indian/EB2, that’s a long time. I moved to a different company as soon as I got my EAD.

      2. I haven’t heard of USCIS deciding to revoke a 140 on their own. Usually, if the employer is an asshole (read repulsive small Indian IT staffing firm) and if the applicant changed employers, then the employer initiates a rescind, which may screw the employee.
      Aug 29, 2018
    • Amazon liste
      I'm assuming nothing, if you change employers you need to update your i140 with your correct employer before filing you i485.

      So let's say you wait 25 years during which time you have an i140 from the first employer that remains valid for h1b renewal. In that time you may have 5 different employers. When you finally fully i485 you need to get a new i140 with the correct final employer and base you i485 on that one. Then you actually need to work for the last employer after you get your GC.

      Filing an i485 for an employer you have no intention of working for is considered fraud. USCIS may not notice until 5yr after that if you apply for citizenship. When they then review your employment and realize the original GC was obtained through fraud they will deny citizenship and revoke the GC.
      Aug 29, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng somecsdude
      But anyone know answer for the first question?
      Aug 30, 2018
  • New timber
    After getting your gc you are a few bird
    Aug 29, 2018 1
    • Google 500kSlave
      As opposed to being 0 birds before getting one?
      Aug 29, 2018
  • Microsoft vplc07
    Don’t they allow you to switch employer 6 months after filing for I-485? In other words you can move even before receiving your green card.
    Aug 29, 2018 0