Groupon to Spotify?

Groupon plTO13
Aug 3 8 Comments

So, I recently just joined Groupon as a Technical Product Manager. I left my job at a FAANG to come here (basically because my manager was toxic and set me up for failure, so I pulled out before a PIP could have happened)

I stayed at FAANG for 10 months and I recently joined Groupon a month ago. While I was applying for jobs, Spotify got back to me about a Product Manager position and they seem very interested.

Would it be appropriate to continue to interview with them even though I just joined Groupon?

And what if they gave me an offer? Should I leave to go work there even though it might look bad on my resume that I had a short stint?

I just don't want it to seem like I job hop.

Any advice is appreciated


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Facebook motel6
    It's better if you leave now rather than in several months when the company has invested a lot in your onboarding
    Aug 3 0
  • Google topCon
    It's Groupon...dying company. Regardless, you should do what's best for you.

    All is fair in love, war, and TC
    Aug 3 0
  • Microsoft / Eng WutIsTech
    Do you have offers from Spotify already? If not just finish interviewing first
    Aug 4 1
    • Groupon plTO13
      No, I'm in the process of interviewing right now.
      Aug 4
  • Trimble SchrteFarm
    What do you think about Groupon so far?
    Aug 3 1
    • Groupon plTO13
      It could be worse. lol
      Aug 4
  • Bloomberg asdfghjjj
    Aug 5 0
  • Microsoft leetlleet
    You gotta take care of yourself. Groupon has not been stable. You definitely want to join Spotify if you get an offer. Capitalism. If Groupon wanted to have you, they should offer you that can beat Spotify by a mile.
    Aug 4 0