Growth in tech support

Dynatrace smarty
May 18 3 Comments

How’s your company treat employees in support ? Do you have any kpi metrics to measure success , meet goals etc? I see it a lot for sales, wondering if there are any such targets for support..


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  • Google DocStrange
    Support always has lots of KPIs. As Snut indicated though, support doesn’t scale well, so removing the need for it is better bang for the buck.
    May 18 0
  • Apple Snut Ella
    KPI is the rate at which we automate support away.
    May 18 0
  • Amazon Oggy
    Anyone know wtf SLA Airbnb has? It's been crickets for 3 days since my ticket.

    I used to work support, and my company did keep track of the rates that tickets would close, and also percentage customer satisfaction.
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