H1B or TN Visa what’s your TC

New eQjn37
Jun 4 18 Comments

I’m on a TN (Canadian) in the Bay Area and feel like my TC is low 140k , 32 years old not a swe though. Have MBA as Pm. Still have comp sci undergrad. The H1B and TN visa I feel like they have more leverage to lowball and control your salary more. Your thoughts or what’s your tc ?


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  • New / Eng pipiper
    Off topic but as a Canadian myself: how did you end up getting a TN in the first place?
    Jun 4 13
    • New canuk
      You don't have to, but it is advisable to switch if you manage to get H1B in time
      Jun 4
    • New eQjn37
      What’s the requirements though to switch to a 485 and adjust your status from a TN. You can’t just do that with a work sponsorship though you’d do it if you had family or a spouse in the US while in your TN ? Like you can’t just switch with a Masters degree and sponsorship can you ? ... I just read up on it more so it would be a EB1 or EB2 ?
      Jun 4
    • New canuk
      Yes, you can do it with work sponsorship. The regular PWD - PERM - I140/485 route. If USCIS discovers you have family during the processing of the I485 you may get put in that bin.
      Jun 4
    • New canuk
      If you have enough evidence to support a EB1 petition, go for it ! If not EB2 or even 3 will have to do
      Jun 4
    • Moody's / Other gsx
      What’s a TN?
      Jun 4
  • Cornerstone YGKN36
    Visa != Skills
    Jun 4 0
  • New / Data

    New Data

    Software developer with 3yoe
    That's true, Visa has no correlation with tc. It all depends on your skills, location and the sector you are working in. You may be on f1,l1,h1b etc who cares. I not in management side, but for SWE with that experience, your presented tc is at the lower end. Ask other manager on blind or best option is to switch the company :) you get to know what's your value in the market.
    Jun 4 0
  • Uber ueue
    Lowball. Your Visa has nothing to do with it.
    Jun 4 0
  • Walmart.com / R&D

    Walmart.com R&D

    TC may get be affected in the long term as you can’t change jobs frequently. But if you perform at the top and are really good shouldn’t have much problem with TC. Personally I am making around 180k for a masters new grad (without sign-on). I am on F1 and so do most of my friends and we all earn around the same band. I believe my compensation is on par with FAANG.
    Jun 5 0