H1B transfer timeline - after 2019 premium processing started

May 15 11 Comments

My case was approved on 7th May (as per USCIS website) but haven't received approval notice yet. I am loosing my mind now. Would like to know from people in the same boat or did transfer recently about their timeline.

Used trackiit but was not that helpful.
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Update: Added poll



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  • If you see it as approved on USCIS, then there's nothing to worry about.

    Keep following up with your lawyers and enjoy the new job. Don't worry.

    If you have any typo in the approval notice, you can request USCIS to fix it and they will acknowledge the typo and tell you to treat the current approval notice as valid one until they send a new one. (I had a typo in my Approval Notice because the lawyers fucked up in form I-129.)
    May 15 3
    • ASML / Eng aimhigh!
      May 15
    • OP
      but I don't even have any copy or approval notice
      May 15
    • That was actually the answer to a hypothetical scenario about the other option in your poll.
      May 15
  • SAP zUuw27
    How long it took for you to get H1b receipt notice and then the approval notice?
    May 18 0
  • Apple / Eng pikapika7
    Did you do pp?
    May 15 1
  • Daimler hcyjcdu6;$
    This shoot be fine right? If you have already got approved.
    May 15 1
    • OP
      concerned to jump the boat without any "hard" proof in hand
      May 15
  • MathWorks ofibebehn
    Did you receive it yet? Mine was approved on USCIS last week but no update by Fragomen yet. They are telling they didn't receive it yet. How long did it take for you from approval on USCIS site to apporval notice by law firm?
    Jul 2 0
  • Alaska Airlines Bxzc87
    Did you receive hard copy if your approval yet?
    Jun 5 0