H1B's in Finance

Accenture xma6iF
May 10 3 Comments

How likely is a financial institution going to sponsor you? How many of you guys are sponsored through your employer?


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  • Two Sigma mips2000
    Search here and you will know how many H1b they sponsor and how much they pay for base salary. https://h1bdata.info/
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  • Jane Street Capital fundfj
    H1Bs are public information. You can look up how many any company has.
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  • New bzRF81
    Many are far more comfortable you being a consultant rather than an FTE. While they are typically stingy in general, they usually prefer the consulting model for H1 holders even though they probably pay 30-60% more to your employer for you than if you were an FTE on their roles. If you're someone who hates annual performance reviews, politics etc. look for consulting. Depending on the consulting company you can actually make more than an FTE (benefits would be less though), but some consulting companies do lowball you.

    I think after that TARP requirement on H1B sponsorship from 2009-10, they've only become increasingly picky about who's on their H1.

    Also only Fragomen and a couple of others handle PERM and they act as the turdballs they are. The company and not you being their client if the company wants to keep delaying PERM, Fragomen goes along with such deceptions giving you incorrect timelines and other advice. It's a very common problem in all FTE roles (except of course top tiers like FAANG and startups), for PERM you'd be far better off working with a consulting company although this matters much less if you already have an I 140.

    DM me if you need more info.
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