H1b administrative process

PayPal geheksk
Apr 4 7 Comments

Hi, I gave my h1b visa interview yesterday and officer said it’s approved. Today I am checking visa status on ceac website and it says ‘Administrative processing’
Has anyone faced this when officer said it’s approved? How long would it take to get the passport back?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • VMware lFMI86
    Administrative processing is normal right after interview. Keep checking the ceac website for updates.
    Apr 4 0
  • Oath OphK57
    1 week, max 2 weeks. If the officer says approved, it’s approved. There could be a thousand things causing the delay - visa printing machine not working, the people who are in charge of printing are out on holiday, they have some issues with their network. Anything
    Apr 4 0
  • Splunk JtJU18
    Not necessarily 1-2 weeks. Have personal experience that it’s been 2+months after VO said approved and still waiting.
    Apr 4 2
    • PayPal geheksk
      Which consulate?
      Apr 4
    • Splunk JtJU18
      Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore. Doesn’t matter which consulate.
      Apr 4
  • Intuit Bmkji
    Yes it took me 2 weeks
    Apr 4 0
  • BlackRock hccxxt
    1 week
    Apr 4 0


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