Hackerrank challenge for VMware

CenturyLink imgodzilla
Feb 26 15 Comments

I got a hackerrank (4 questions in 90 mins) coding challenge from VMware for a position within End-user business unit. What kind of questions should I expect? What’s the leetcode level?
Thank in advance!


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  • Salesforce mcmxc
    Don't join EUC
    Feb 26 3
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      Any particular reason?
      Feb 26
    • Yahoo / Eng

      Yahoo Eng

      Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft
      Why is EUC bad ?
      Feb 26
    • Oracle orcl32
      Mar 13
  • VMware


    4 questions in 90 min is pretty standard. Expect LC easy + medium
    Feb 26 1
  • Glassdoor ztoz
    Just solve the 4 questions in 90 mins lol
    Feb 26 1
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      Haha that’s the goal but asking the levels to better manage the time
      Feb 26
  • CenturyLink OsOpOrAaT
    Guys, I completed the last about 10 days ago and the recruiter say he still hasn’t heard back from the team. Do you know what timeline are we looking at here?
    Mar 13 1
    • Pivotal Axe Cap
      How was the screen?
      Aug 7
  • VMware Mnoy_
    What level are you interviewing for? If NCG then things might be different.
    Feb 28 1
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      I’ve 2 YOE. Position is Software Engineer in the EUC team. Rec mentioned there would be 4 questions. 1 related to database queries and 3 coding. He also mentioned most candidates could not even finish 4 so completing even 3 would be good. Do you have any idea what kind of questions might show up?
      Feb 28
  • VMware mikehsu
    Expect super easy questions. I finished mine in 18 min. A handful of domain questions and couple of LC easy
    Feb 27 1
    • CenturyLink imgodzilla
      Wow! Good to hear that! Thanks
      Feb 28
  • Expedia yhdievdjdh
    This is much better than another company sending me to code 7 problem solving questions with increasing difficulty to solve in 90mins. Good luck
    Feb 26 0


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