Hair stylist dilemma -need help

Kabbage / Data fxnM15
Sep 16 6 Comments

I get my haircut at a family owned salon in Atlanta. P has been cutting my hair for about 6-8 years now (since school). I had an appointment with her today, but something got messed up and I waa paired with T. Now when I walked in, P was surprised that there was a fuck up and asked if I was okay waiting. Initially I said okay, but T walked over and asked if I wanted a shampoo while I was waiting. I said sure thing, why not?

And thats when I received the best shampoo and said ‘why dont you cut my hair today while shes busy?’ She asked me to inform P and then I ended up getting an incredibly good haircut. And she was fun to talk too!

Now here’s my problem: I want to get my haircut from T going forward, but at the same time dont want to jeopardize my relationship with P. How do I navigate this? I am extremely uncomfortable with this whole situation.

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  • New QTdN03
    Get P and T’s schedules, and only go on P’s day off.
    Sep 16 2
    • Kabbage / Data fxnM15
      Just call them and ask them what their schedules look like?
      Sep 16
    • Intel rewt
      Sep 16
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Ask T out. P will understand if you get your haircuts at home.
    Sep 26 0
  • Microsoft


    Really!! This is a blind question!
    Sep 16 0
  • HERE lalolalo
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