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Feb 11 16 Comments

Does anyone remember the feeling of accomplishment when you used to get an A+, or other small things that used to make you really happy. Since I graduated and started this job few years ago, # of such moments are going down and practically reaching zero now. Whats up with that? Anyone else in the same boat?


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  • Amazon lolwhat
    Ever heard anyone say, "I love being an adult, it's so much better than my childhood."?
    Me neither.
    And most people on blind are financially better off now than they (their parents) were in childhood.
    Feb 11 4
    • Google tsukino
      I love being an adult, it's so much better than my childhood.
      Feb 11
    • New b37
      I'm the opposite on both counts. I much prefer being an adult to having to obey others all the time, and my parents had things a lot easier than most of my generation now does. The cost of living has skyrocketed since they were young and incomes haven't kept up. Exhibit A is the NYC apartment they lived in when I was born. $215 four decades ago, $2000 now. Dad made about 15k then, so I would have to make about 140,000 to keep up. His salary was middle class then; today only the top 5 percent or less make 140k.
      Feb 11
    • New New.
      @google you want to share more details? If that makes you uncomfortable or brings back not-so-good memories, we all understand and can let it be 😊
      Feb 11
    • Gusto gsto
      Being young sucks.
      Feb 11
  • Oracle gV45dx
    You got big son.
    Feb 11 0
  • New New.
    Almost everyone is in the same boat, unless someone had a really rough childhood.

    Children live in the present, as adults we either dwell in the past or worry about the future. Heard of the phrase, ignorance is bliss? It's true.
    Feb 11 1
    • Cavium pjbagk75Fq
      This 👆 "living in the moment".. deep shit of everything.. if we don't live in the moment, even Sundar Pichai TC wont give the fucking juice everybody craves for - happiness
      Feb 11
  • Microsoft naaam
    I prefer adult life better than school. I was under constant pressure to get better grades, to get into better schools, to get scholarships, to get funds for school. Getting to be an adult and ending up in jobs and earning good money beyond what I dreamed of as a child brings the kind of happiness everyday which I got only after getting good results as a student.
    Feb 11 0
  • Illumina pjlm40
    Real life isn't like school. There are no defined end points and results are more ambiguous. That's why being good at school doesn't mean you are good at life.
    Feb 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng tylium
    I get satisfaction every time I get a ship it on a code review. Does that count.
    Feb 11 1
    • Oracle suchisl!fe
      Lol. Simple pleasures of life
      Feb 11
  • Square ci38nv
    Book trips, collect checks from passive income, sign offers on your terms that you negotiated, always look your best when you leave the house, close on a house, get into the best shape of your life, I mean... there’s plenty to feel good about in adulthood, just live in the present and don’t let fleeting moments pass you by. Always be grateful for what you have and the life you built and what it affords you. Have fun.
    Feb 11 0
  • New / Mgmt VSwf01
    I never got A's so I can't relate. My high comes from finishing things.
    Feb 11 0
  • VMware BobbleHat
    My neck is sore from looking to see who is trying to stab me in the back, so, yes, life as a child was much simpler and happier.
    Feb 12 0
  • Varian Medical / Product

    Varian Medical Product

    Have a kid. Either, (a) things will change and you’ll enter into a new (difficult!) era of wonder and excitement where you learn things as you struggle to bring another human into the world.

    or (b) you’ll find out you’re a bad parent.
    Feb 11 0