Hardware IoT/tech transition from manufacturing

New wGuY54
Nov 1 2 Comments

I just graduated from business school and started working in a large and traditional manufacturing firm. They offered me a role that was very good (Strategy/CorpDev.) from career development perspective. However, as I looking forward to next 5 years, I aim to move into a faster paced environment. My aim is to get into IoT hardware based companies such as Samsara. But I am looking out for more IoT Tech companies and this is where I need help.

Since I am not in consulting a couple of options are closed or extremely competitive for me

1. Corp Dev in Tech
2. Even BizOps.
3. Strategy

What's open?
Operations Strategy
Porgram Management

My core experience is in Engg, sales, GM and data analytics. I have worked in analytics (ML/SQL), made an Android App (will launch it to Play Store) and worked in robotics (in pre-MBA work)


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  • Indeed hhtt
    Consider hardware product manager positions at Internet companies, like Amazon lab 126, Google Nest, Microsoft Azure Sphere
    Nov 1 1
    • New wGuY54
      Thanks for the suggestion! This is interesting. Could you expand on this role? I am generally unaware of the expectations from hardware PM. I have consciously shied away from PM role because of -
      1. Lack of experience with developers. And I have heard that MBA (non-engg dev) PMs are generally not suited for the role either.
      2. This is a question - how strategic are these roles? Do you get silo-ed into a product feature?
      3. Am I competing with software PMs?
      Nov 1


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