Has anyone ever been sued by a patent troll?

New / Productbeebeegee
Feb 8

A developer friend of my recently got notified that a patent troll is filing suit against one of their free mobile apps , any advice? This same patent troll tried this same suit against companies like Apple years ago and it was dismissed, but my friend doesn’t have the same legal resources...


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  • New / Productbeebeegee
    Thanks everyone!
    Feb 80
  • Google / Eng🍑☁️
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has some resources for this I think
    Feb 80
  • VMware BobbleHat
    Iirc damages for patent infringement are limited to money gained from the infringement. So if the app is really free, no ads etc, then the troll can get $0 from your friend. Of course I am not a lawyer.
    Feb 80
  • New / SalesnvRQ81
    Yes they usually settle for less than cost of lawyer. Have someone call, preferably lawyer, don’t discuss case just settle. Or fight to death.
    Feb 80

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