Has anyone moved from a technical role to a TPM? If so, did it work out?

Splunk 83y3h
Nov 13 2 Comments

I've been deep in analysis and light engineering for most of my career. 6 yoe, 300k TC.

Lately I've been having more fun forming and executing team and service visions, even though I was brought on to perform analysis. Part of it is due to my manager completely faltering here and me feeling like I need to pick up the slack for the team to be successful. The other part is realizing there isn't a lot more to learn that would also help progress my career upwards.

Because part of the reason is that my team is led by a subpar manager who lacks honesty, foresight, and is missing half the time, I'm looking to change jobs. One option I'm considering is a technical program manager.

Has anyone ever made this shift and did it work out? I feel like part of the joy would be found in bringing my real, proven technical knowledge to help hone in and drive impactful projects across teams. Also, how is TPM TC vs a traditional tech role?


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  • Zynga parott
    What’s your role ?Data engineer ?
    Nov 13 1
    • Splunk 83y3h
      I don't want to get too specific but it is mostly analysis which requires deep knowledge in the subject to do effectively. The other part is handling what I would call mini projects across teams. Toss in scripting for automation and process enhancements here and there.
      Nov 13


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