Has anyone's brokerage account suddenly displayed 0s across the board?

Google Pomegranat
Feb 7 9 Comments

Has anyone ever had their brokerage data suddenly reflect 0s across the board? Looks like "A trade restriction has been applied to your account. This could be due to a Google closed trading window, your enrollment in AutoSale for 2019, your status as a company officer, or a pending share transfer. Please check the blackout window schedule at go/insidertrading and if you still have questions contact the service center using the service center link above. You do not have shares available to model."

This is a tiny bit scary --- wonder what triggered this and why. I had put in a limit order for about ~50K the other day but that shouldn't be so off-putting? Hope all my vested and unvested stock is ok. Hope nobody is trying to hack into my account. Will call them when they open tomorrow morning.


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  • Google Switzlernd
    Looks like it had been a bug! All sorted.

    I did notice that I had put in a limit order at a certain price and even though it seems like that price had been hit, it didn't go through. Does that mean that the buyer at that price hadn't wanted my quantity?
    Feb 8 2
    • New DuQvV7x
      It’s a bit more complicated and calls for some speculation.

      The price is (mostly) FIFO. So if 10 people with the same $1 sell price get there ahead of you the buyer would buy from lots ahead.

      Some exchanges let special customers jump queues. Typically these mofos have bigger lots than you.

      Some buyers may have special instructions for their lots (AoN, FoK etc).

      So, like I said it could be one (or more) of many things.
      Feb 9
    • Google Switzlernd
      Feb 9
  • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
    Did you try and buy/sell your company stock during the blackout period?
    Feb 7 2
    • Google Switzlernd
      No our trading window was open. I put the order in the night before but the following morning it was during our window.
      Feb 7
    • Google Switzlernd
      I thought you're physically unable to during the blackout period.

      If someone had been able to, would that have led to this kind of outcome?

      I'm also wondering if perhaps someone had tried to hack my account and they froze it?
      Feb 7
  • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
    Sounds like a bug. Please open a ticket.
    Feb 7 1
    • Intel UGeJ58
      I bet somebody else will discover and report the same bug. It's most efficient to start the popcorn maker now
      Feb 7
  • Google Switzlernd
    I'll call them as soon as I wake up tomorrow.
    Feb 7 0