Hate against WITCH justified ?

Comscore seatlsucks
Aug 1 26 Comments

A lot of Indians in Blind like to shit on these outsourcing WITCH companies and I get it - it was because of them that the gc backlog is so long .

However a lot of Indians started their career there and even if it was shitty work got a jumpstart in their careers to learn technologies which helped them then get into FAANG and MS/PhD programs . A few years back when Coursera and online learning wasn’t so easily available - these companies helped train people on new tech that typically no one would let a fresher touch in the US . So it has helped jumpstart quite a few FAANG star coder’s careers.

Thoughts ?


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  • Oracle / Eng I@M
    Huh? Do you have data to say most started at WITCH?

    Its not about companies but their practices. Backlog for green card for Indians is mainly because of them.

    Fucking loathe them and their visa frauds.
    Aug 1 18
    • Oracle / Eng I@M
      Fuck off both of you WITCH guys. Shows what kind of folks they hire.

      Go and work in those companies if you love them that much.I don't fucking give a rats ass

      I won't even be surprised if you have GC through witch and hence all the love

      Fucking hate those companies and folks like you. WITCH is the reason why folks think Indians are sub standard workers. They stunk the place up and moved their base to Canada now. I fucking don't care about how they helped you two but they are non ethical and fucking useless consultancies.
      Aug 1
    • Comscore seatlsucks
      And you are special ? Did you go to IIT / MIT and then Oracle ? Is that your credentials?

      I don’t think Larry Elisson and Oracle are the most ethical of companies either.
      Aug 1
    • F5 Networks indian-in
      I mean the kind that are VP+ in their American orgs and went to top global institutions, then yes, Oracle, you are right.

      Get lost, ass**le!
      Aug 1
    • Oracle / Eng I@M
      Big Losers. Cry louder
      Yawn at your arguments.

      My last comment here. Not wasting any more of my time arguing considerin there is no point. Keep worshipping WITCH
      Aug 1
    • F5 Networks indian-in
      Ass***es usually don’t have anything to argue about.

      Just some moronic opinion gets passed around as facts.

      STFU and get lost! Shoo
      Aug 1
  • Tibco software / Eng !mlikoj!
    Wtf are WITCH companies?
    Aug 1 2
    • Facebook / Eng weineb
      I guess it's Wipro Infosys tcs cognizant
      Not sure what H is ?
      Aug 1
    • Workday / Product tdf
      HCL - The 737 Max company.
      Aug 1
  • Facebook bl@ckmamba
    “SOME” Indians got started at these companies. The ones who are outraged about visa fraud and GC backlog aren’t the ones working in these companies.
    Aug 1 0
  • Verizon / Eng O.C.D
    I have seen plumbers working as product managers.
    Aug 1 0
  • Microsoft poquitos
    I've seen a few ppl who started out at these companies and went on to join faang.. But that was a long time ago.. When India didn't have many great software companies, Google hadn't set up an office there etc.. Nowadays the ppl that are hired there are those that don't get jobs elsewhere.. Any smart ppl quit within a year or 2 and go for their masters / mba.. So I'd question your theory for sure.. Only a handful of them manage to convert to full time roles at Microsoft, pretty sure it's the same story in faang too.. I've barely met anyone from there who I'd say would clear our interview bar..
    Besides.. None of that matters.. There's only so many ppl this country can admit every year.. And we have to filter on the basis of something.. Quality of engineers and pay seems to be the most reasonable way to do that.. Unless you have an alternate solution?
    Aug 1 0
  • Equifax / Eng

    Equifax Eng

    Capgemini, Honeywell FM&T
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