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Twitter Rtt616
Jan 5 9 Comments

What do people think about companies like Verily, Grail and all of the other companies that are working to help with cancer, diabetes and whatever else. Are these places good for software engineers? Are they delivering something of value? Is there any good company that I should check out?


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  • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
    I can say from working at Medtronic, software engineering can be frustrating, but at the end of the day it’s still a great place to make a difference in patient’s lives.
    Jan 5 4
    • General Mills / Data BettyCoder
      You in MN?
      Jan 5
    • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
      Yep, Mounds View office.
      Jan 5
    • General Mills / Data BettyCoder
      Coo. Buddy has been at Medtronic for a while(not SWE). He likes it, good company.
      Jan 5
    • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
      Yes, it is a great company and great place to being a device focused company sometimes makes the SWE side a bit frustrating, as upper management just doesn’t get it at times...and all of the decisions are made around the devices, which to be fair is where the money come in from...I still love my company and the job.
      Jan 5
  • Uber / Eng BibiN
    OP I’m a founder of a health tech startup. PM if you wanna hear about it and why I believe it’s the best field to be in
    Jan 7 0
  • Google / Eng gangmember
    I had offers from a few of these companies, including the ones you have mentioned.

    The pay and the engineering talent is lower. People don't seem to mind because there's a lot of "we're saving lives here" kool aid that's being fed. I was willing to drink it, but realized it would wear off pretty soon, and I would find myself being horribly underpaid and bored.
    Jan 6 0
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    • Twitter Rtt616
      I don’t want to leave Twitter. I’m just curious what’s up in this space.
      Jan 5
  • Roche uiTO83
    It will always be different working at companies that are not primarily software. Some might find this frustrating, but you do get to be a part of something really exciting that will physically improve people's lives. Pay might be lower than FANG but this is changing
    Jan 5 0