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Jun 21 2 Comments

Have been using Splunk for some time now, but still struggle to understand some of their keywords and commands. Splunk Answers & Forum provide clarity sometimes, but Splunk documentation itself is woefully basic and non-explanatory.

Splunk folks, could you please improve the quality of your documentation? I'm talking about actually including examples, explaining with different use-cases.

Else, your commands are often really hard to grasp. Searching online, helps, but is very time-consuming, and your trainings, super expensive.


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    ɐᴉpǝdxƎ Other

    Why complain here? Why not contact them directly? The likelihood of someone from that company reading your message is slim, and having someone from there who actually cares is even slimmer.
    Jun 21 1
    • SAP sw2
      I did get in touch with them for specific questions, but I'm honestly not sure who to address this more broadly to. Just posted in case anyone faced a similar challenge, or if someone from the company had any direction to offer in this regard!
      Jun 21