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New GXtT54
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Anyone out there in higher Ed with HR issues? I work as a professor at a two year college and the work culture is degrading rapidly. It used to be a place for exchange of ideas, ways to help our students do better. I know that college has been following a business model for quite some time but having the Dean of my college tell me to pad my reviews on pick a prof so kids will sign up for my classes, takes the cake. This is not a popularity contest and even so my reviews are respectable given the difficulty level of the class. They go through the motions of having a hiring committee only to give the job to the friend if the assistant Dean. There are more shady deals here then other unsavory places I worked while going to school. At least those places did not pretend to be above board. Anyone else out there in the “ivory tower”?


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    Left academia after the PhD and would never consider going back
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