Hiring freeze??

Ola / Eng tbo
Sep 8 10 Comments

Hi, Can anyone tell me is there any hiring freeze in Google (london, munich, singapure) and facebook(london).

Experience - Less than 4 year's


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  • Singapure
    Sep 8 1
    • Microsoft oXJQ15
      Sep 9
  • NVIDIA calmdow
    It's summer time over there in Europe and always tropical in Singapore so likely no freeze unless some Day After Tomorrow shit happens 🥶
    Sep 8 3
    • NVIDIA calmdow
      Does Ola company have mandatory mental health checkups? That's hardcore.
      Sep 8
    • Adobe fngstained
      Based on what I've heard about the culture there, maybe it's for checking that you're batshit insane enough to survive there.
      Sep 8
    • NVIDIA calmdow
      Deleted comment :'(
      Sep 8
  • Workday / Product tdf
    Less than 4 years can also be interpreted as 0.
    Sep 8 0
  • New KuqP64
    Facebook(London) yes - they are only hiring E5+

    Google (NYC, London, Zurich) L3/L4 super low headcount
    Sep 8 1
    • New owLL68
      You mean Facebook London stops hiring any E4 or lower? That's sad. Or this situation could change in the near future?
      Sep 19
  • New range
    Google Singapore, only a few headcount for ML engineer.
    Sep 8 0