Hiring team sets a start date, what do I do

Amazon HAzq58
Jan 11 5 Comments

Guess the team wouldn’t want to wait longer, so I was informed for a start date despite h1b pending. It’s very closed to 2/19, and Attorny said there are internal process and then plus USCIS processing time. likely wouldn’t know the results before the start date.

So what do I do?

1. Negotiate for a later join date?
It’s probably 5 weeks after premium resumes, one could safely withdraw from current company. Negotiation success rate might be low and leave a bad image. Also not sure if 2/19 will resume premium.

2. Join regardless?
The results and probability of approve/deny between joining now and then are the same, since either case I wouldn’t know the h1b decision.

Joining a big tech Corp. not sde/pm/managers. Online search didn’t find a denial case for my job category in this Corp. plus, there seems still RFEs after September. Guess even things go south, likely could provide additional evidence?


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  • Salesforce Tuktuki
    Hiring team should adjust start date per your H1B approval status. Typically they set start date as a formal step. They can change it per situation.
    Jan 11 0
  • Oracle doznuts
    I'm moving after I get the USCIS receipt notice. If your employer is okay with waiting it's probably the safest thing to do. Why don't you politely ask your hiring manager if he is okay to wait? You could say you're willing to join on receipt but would really prefer to wait for the approval. If they insist that you start on receipt, you have your answer to your question. I don't think asking this will leave a bad impression. It's a valid question and your entire career is on the line. My new hiring manager was pretty supportive. He might even wait for the approval if I ask him to but I don't wish to wait.
    Jan 11 2
    • Amazon HAzq58
      They waited 5months considering this set start date. Feel like testing their bottom line, lol.
      Jan 11
    • Oracle doznuts
      Oh damn. Then I guess you're going to have to start on the receipt. I personally don't think there's too much of a risk if you've never been out of status, are working the in field in which you have a degree and are joining a well known company which I think you are since you're leaving amazon. But what do I know.
      Jan 11
  • Bank of America MelonRusk
    Why dont you ask for some leverage like a relocation package if things go wrong. That is if you are okay with moving to a diff country
    Jan 11 0