Hitting the ground running at a startup

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What kind of approach do you use when starting a new job at a startup?
Before start: Brush up on and research technologies they use to get ramped up faster.
First days: set up efficient dev environment, tools, etc.
First week: Get acquainted with co-workers and sift through relevant code bases..
Second week: pick take up and putting up patches in code base..
First month: develop expertise in company tools / languages; start digging deeper into responsibilities of role.
1+ months: Start spearheading projects for the company benefit; work with other teams to support their needs.

How do you identify high priority items and areas you would best suited to tackle.
What if no one on the team has expertise in an area - do you volunteer to do things you believe are important after OK'ing it in a team meeting or group slack channel?

I've never worked in a startup and wanted to hear about people's approaches for an optimal start.


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  • It's not that different than normal companies. It's usually more of a shitshow and don't hesitate to ask a lot of questions while you are still new
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