Honda windshield repair

Amazon ollo
Apr 23 12 Comments

A small rock hit my windshield while driving and there is a small crack. Where should I take it to get repaired? Dealer? Will probably be expensive. Car Insurance claim? Not sure if my rates will go up with that though. Just go to a generic place that can fix it?


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    Why did you click on me 😡
    Just take out your windshields. They’re a scam anyway. Big Windshield just wants you to have a windshield but in actuality they’re just stealing your money. It’s really not necessary and people just get them due to societal pressure.
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  • Cisco alcohol
    Take it to body shop to fix it while crack is small it would cost you less than $50
    If you keep driving for long then it would get bigger and then you need to replace entire windshield which would be around $250
    Apr 23 0
  • Microsoft oMAG58
    How small is small? Is it a chip or crack? Chips you can buy $10 kits to fix yourself.
    Apr 23 2
    • Amazon ollo
      It’s a small star shaped crack
      Apr 23
    • Autodesk YTDP26
      For small crack, fix it yourself. There are repair kits for sale online. I have used it for a few times. You want to do it on a sunny day so the sealant can work. The risk of replacing windshield is the uncertainty of the install quality and the glass quality itself. The good one tends to be more expensive. The bad one could be worse than a repair kit.
      May 1
  • Nvidia vnnP31
    IMO get it done by a shop for 40. I tried fixing it myself and ended up making it worse (crack extended). Ended up getting it replaced by a mobile service found on yelp for 260.
    May 4 1
    • Amazon sodhl
      Yeah that’s what I was afraid of too. I got it fixed in a shop.
      May 5
  • Amazon tpYt57
    Check if your insurance covers the repair. Usually they do.
    Apr 23 1
    • Amazon ollo
      Yeah I checked. They do cover it and they said it won’t affect my premium with their company but that it might affect my premium at a new company. I also called a local windshield repair and they said it would cost $40. I think the change in premium should not be big for this even if I change my insurance.
      Apr 24
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Apr 23 0
  • Intuit what!
    I found a company on yelp which comes to you and replaces it. Its significantly cheaper than original. Its been 3 years and its totally fine
    Apr 23 0
  • Amazon Documon
    Windshields are pretty cheap..a genuine one with the Honda part label will be relatively expensive. At a rando glass repair, it should be about $200.
    Apr 23 0