House lays off 180

Jan 29


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  • Facebook fb2017
    Layoff for IPO? I only heard hire craze before IPO.
    Jan 291
    • Facebook public2
      Boosts profitability and everyone remaining works harder.
      Jan 29
  • Amazon djsjsjsj
    Houzz has this ridiculous rule that for new hires if you stay less than 2 years, all your RSUs will be taken back.
    Jan 293
    • OP
      For realz? Worse than amazon
      Jan 29
    • Amazon djsjsjsj
      Definitely worse than ANY other tech companies!
      Jan 29
    • Houzz lilbtybg
      They stopped giving away stocks October 2017 and yes, you have to be here for two years to keep them.
      Jan 30
  • Amazon djsjsjsj
    houzz is a scam.
    Jan 290
  • New DuQvV7x
    Houzz is amazeballs.

    That is all
    Jan 290
  • Oscar Tender
    Lol this valuation is stupid... Oscar should have been valued more...
    Jan 290

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