How Stable are jobs at companies like EA/Blizzard/Nintendo?

Amazon ra04tD
May 24 4 Comments

Wondering what job stability is like for developers at these companies...Does you staying at the company depend on performance of the game a lot?7


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  • Amazon ChivalryAF
    I interned at Blizzard for Overwatch and also interned at Gearbox for Borderlands 2 so I’ll provide my experiences.

    A lot of them are contract roles for the lifecycle of the project. Very hard to keep roles unless you are a huge value add for the firm.

    However, the best benefit I found from working at these places are that the employees are very passionate about their work and it reflects in their attitude. You often see less toxicity than FANG or equivalents (but often less pay). Keep in mind that this was my experience and may not reflect the industry as a whole.

    I hope this helps.
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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    I'm a generalist soft eng who loves to work on hard tasks and open-source. I have experience in many domains (low-level, web, data science, security, etc.).
    It gets more stable with every system update.
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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Electronic Arts(EA)
    Games is an extremely hits driven business so if you are in a game studio it all depends on how well the game is going to do. You will probably have better stability in some central technology team that supports multiple games if you want more security.
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  • Amazon Nozz
    No one expects job stability in the game industry.
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