How and where to start for property investments?

Oracle xGkE01
Apr 9 4 Comments

Hi Everyone - I have been reading about so many folks here having multiple investment properties as a passive income source. I would like to explore this.

Any tips and advice on where to start? Any good companies/agents you recommend?

Investment amount: under $200k
Area: I am in the Bay Area, open to any location in the US for investment.

Thanks so much!


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Bloomberg perpendicu
    Look for multifamily home projects in TX or OH. Whichever is closer.
    Apr 9 1
    • Oracle xGkE01
      Any agent or website to find these?
      Apr 9
  • eBay gcpd
    In your backward...invest there
    Apr 9 0
  • eBay martinw
    Apr 9 0