How can an American get a job abroad

United Airlines / IT

United Airlines IT

Weatherford International
May 6 7 Comments

This is less about travel as much as it is an experience. Has anyone tried to get a development job abroad? If so, what companies hire Americans, even for a short while?

Thanks for the advice.


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  • You’ll still pay taxes to the US govt, you know that right?
    May 6 3
  • Google ckxkkand
    If nothing else, this exercise will help you understand how things work for immigrants here, so more power to you!

    You still start in a more privileged position than most of us because of the American passport and all the immigration benefits it gets you by default but still I think the experience will be eye opening depending on the part of the world you want to work in.
    May 6 1
    • Microsoft gfba68
      When I worked abroad my American passport counted against me. Europe is a pain to immigrate into.
      May 6
  • Indeed notavailab
    Indeed. Check out
    May 6 0