How do I transition from banking to a cryptocurrency company?

Capital One EuCn42
Jun 10 7 Comments

Anyone have experience here? Looking to get into something Bitcoin centric, but don’t know the right angles to get in...


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  • Accenture shortsell
    Just hire a designer, create a slick website and write a bullshit "white-paper", sprinkle in mathematical equations (don't worry Word/Google Docs have good inputs for them and no one know what they mean anyways). Announce various airdrops and promotional bonuses for signing up additional ICO buyers.

    Remember to tell people basically that your ICO is a combination of Bitcoin/Visa/T-Mobile/Instagram/Uber... I can go on but you get the picture
    Jun 10 1
    • Capital One EuCn42
      Haha - sounds like your a bit jaded by the crypto industry. I am too. Hence why I said bitcoin centric
      Jun 11
  • Expect low TC if you are an entry level employee. Most wealth in this space is from ICO, which means you have to know the field and be a founder of sorts. I would like to be proven wrong, but this is my experience. This is an exciting and mentally challenging field, however. The TC should be consistent with non unicorn startups at series A or B.
    Jun 10 0
  • This is a forward looking area. There is some interest here from established companies, and coins like Bitcoin have established themselves as assets. Facebook is building their own coin. The major issue here is that governments don't like the concept of a financial system that they don't fully control. Another issue is the economics of mining, which is required to run the ledger.
    Jun 11 0
  • Taylor Farms Batistuta
    What position do you currently hold
    Jun 10 2
    • Capital One EuCn42
      I’m a Risk Manager for an Enterprise Risk function
      Jun 11
    • Taylor Farms Batistuta
      So you could join crypto investing funds probably easily
      Jun 11

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