How do Twitter verify accounts ?

New Oxwd38
Feb 11 7 Comments

The process of verification seems rather random. I was wondering how it is done from an internal point of view ?


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  • Twitter fai92
    Tldr: there isn’t a formal public policy at the moment as it’s still being reworked from a couple different ways. A limited number (relatively speaking) of verifications still happen but you have to be sponsored by a staff member (so most often they are for advertisers or large events for example the Olympics needing a bunch of athletes verified etc). Once sponsored though they still need to meet the basic criteria (“you give us a lot of money” is not in it) which basically drills down to “are you notable enough” like looking for certain levels of Alexa ranking for a company, or enough news articles about “you” (not just your product) etc. they’ve always seemed relatively fair though I certainly hope they are able to rework the public policy soon so that normal people can apply.
    Feb 116
    • Microsoft hsowho
      That's not a tl;dr
      Feb 11
    • Nokia / ITPizdets
      Why would normal people need to be verified though?
      Feb 11
    • Twitter fai92
      Hsowho: true but it could be longer! The real tldr is “for now an employee sponsors you and you meet reasonable rules”
      Feb 11
    • Twitter fai92
      @Pizdets I mostly mean that you shouldn’t have to know someone at twitter. Around the world (especially outside US/Europe) there are a lot of groups and people (for example newspapers and journalists) which may not have the right connections but do have issues with fake news or impersonation. I hope it can get easier for them.
      Feb 11
    • New Oxwd38
      Can any twitter employee sponsor an account ?
      Feb 11
    • Twitter fai92
      Feb 13

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