How do you find paid programming courses that aren't from MOOC's or SEO BS "educational" platforms?

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Nov 12 2 Comments

Through video course format, I want to learn more technologies like:
- GraphQL
- es6
- Vue
- pytorch
- Apache Kafka, NiFi
- even revisit fundamental stuff in more detail like OOP and data structures in Python

I am willing to use free materials and YouTube videos (like the legendary traversy media) but I want to pay more to learn advanced topics (not just a beginner tutorials), build more complex stuff, learn best practices, and learn from the best instructors so I can do high quality work.

However, everytime I Google a new technology course, I get results from:
MOOC's like Coursera, edx, udacity ...
New startups like datacamp ...
In-person "coding bootcamps" ...
And especially IMO complete shit course suggestions from Udemy and skillshare ...

What are some ways to find high quality courses about new technologies? Looking for screenshare tutorials which also cover advanced topics and industry stuff.

The only instructor I've found so far is Adam Wathan who's awesome but how else can I find more like him?


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    Omscs is legit, but won't cover a lot of those. You shouldn't need so much help to cover libraries though.
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