How do you manage your money?

Thomson Reuters hswb27
Nov 12 9 Comments

Given market is at its peak worth asking these important questions

How do you manage your 401k?
What do you invest your savings in besides 401k?
If the market were to tank 50%, what would you do?
What % of your savings is cash?
Do you have a trust and or financial advisor?

I self manage my 401k - combination of target funds and other MFs like Vanguard Intl, Medium cap, S&P 500 etc. 10% cash.
Curently invested in Stocks and holding some (20% of total savings) cash for rainy days.
If market tanks will sit tight. Definitely buy, not sell.
No trust or fin advisor yet.


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Citadel BrutеForce
    No money - no problems
    Nov 12 0
  • D. E. Shaw & Co. WXia81
    401k is all in REITs. Everything else is “moderate aggressive” in Vanguard funds. If market tanks 50%, I’ll cheer and keep on buying.
    Nov 12 3
    • Thomson Reuters hswb27
      What REITs? Are you comfortable with putting everything in reit? Granted rest of it is well diversified so shouldn’t matter
      Nov 12
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Are the REITs under Vanguard?
      Nov 12
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. WXia81
      Yes, it’s basically VGSLX. REITs are very tax-inefficient, so it made sense to me to put them in a tax-advantaged account. Using tax-advantaged accounts to hold stocks felt like a waste—they already have beneficial tax treatment even in after-tax accounts. The 401k is under 10% of our overall holdings, so I’m not worried about risk. Also, we have a few decades to go before we can touch this money, so I figure it will work itself out.
      Nov 12
  • Amazon uaqh79
    What do you invest your savings in besides 401k? Money Market account for short term savings (buying a big purchase like a house)

    If the market tanked what would I do? Keep buying...

    What percent of your savings is cash? Retirement savings is 90% stock etfs.

    No advisor

    Similar type of investments: target funds and etfs. VTI seems to perform better than S&P 500 etfs btw.
    Nov 12 1
    • Thomson Reuters hswb27
      Any specific etf?
      Nov 12
  • Google or14j
    What are examples of high yield savings?
    Nov 12 0
  • JPMorgan Chase PartyBoat
    holding cash in high yield savings and waiting, not touching 401k.
    Nov 12 0


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