How does changing a job work with F1 OPT?

Cisco w2dk
Aug 18 7 Comments

I am currently in an F1-OPT status and this is my first year.
I applied for the H1B this year with my Bachelor's degree, but it didn't get picked.
Next year, I will be in the Master's bracket and I am expecting it to get selected eventually in 3 years since I have 3 more tries.
My question is if I don't get picked next year and if I want to change job, how would that work?
If I am in F1-OPT, can I just leave my current company and start at a new workplace immediately without doing anything?

Also, if I get picked for H1B in my current company and if I want to transfer to another company, do I have to wait until October (when the H1b gets valid) and then apply for H1B transfer?

It would be great if anyone can answer these two questions. Thanks!


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  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    You should consult an immigration lawyer. Or hope to get accurate advice from strangers on the internet (are you feeling lucky?)
    Aug 18 0
  • Both of your assumptions are absolutely correct.
    Aug 18 5
    • Cisco w2dk
      If my current employer applies for the H1b and I get an offer from a different company at the same time, can I make the new employer to apply for the H1b at the same time?
      Aug 18
    • Google / Eng revert_bak
      You're right that you can just change employers.
      Aug 18
    • Cisco w2dk
      so when I apply for the h1b lottery, I can still ask multiple companies to send my application? and the result for all applications will be the same (multiple applications won't increase my chances of getting picked)?
      Aug 18
    • PayPal troyton
      @cisco you are using @google incorrectly. These are questions that get fact based answers. Go to and search away.

      Forums such as blind are good for open ended discussion topics. Imagine each f1 treating blind as their personal FAQ.

      Unless you are lazy to put in the effort to find the facts for yourself .... which I might understand since @Cisco .
      Aug 18
    • Cisco w2dk
      @PayPal blind sometimes is more helpful in asking these issues since there are many people who have experienced a similar situation. Of course, I am not going to rely on the answers that I got here. I also don't think someone from @PayPal deserves to say shit about me lol
      Aug 18