How does credit card rental collision damage waiver work?

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Feb 24 8 Comments

Let say I get into an accident while driving a rental car that I rented with a credit card, and the credit card has damage collision waiver, what is the process for exchanging insurance? Does the other party call my credit card company? Have anyone gone through this?


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    Just give them the name of your credit card provider, and the 16 digit number on the front of your card.
    Feb 241
    • Akamai Technologies dres
      and also give expiry date and cvv..
      Feb 25
  • Etsy bCFe54
    Its likely your credit card has secondary coverage. If you have a collision with a rental car then your own insurance policy is used first and then whatever they don’t cover is covered by the secondary coverage of your credit card. It varies by card issuer, so you need to contact them directly for more info.
    Feb 240
  • Microsoft / Eng


    For many credit cards auto insurance coverage is secondary. Make sure that your card has primary insurance coverage before denying coverage at the rental counter(assuming you don't have any other car insurance)
    Feb 240
  • Amazon / Engn0v
    You call your benefits administrator (via customer service). They'll give you underwriter, policy info, contacts and even send you a certificate of coverage. As others mentioned, most cc insurance is secondary, so if you have personally insurance, you'd claim with that and use the cc insurance to cover the deductible.
    Feb 250
  • Amazon m111
    Rental car companies are required to have blanket liability caoverage for the state minimum in most states. It's not required in CA. But if a liability issue arrise, they may play hardball and fine you etc. So to be safe, you can also purchase a non-owner liability insurance.
    Feb 240
  • Facebook / Data
    CDW is between you and your rental car company. CDW is not liability insurance, which is what you need if you are at fault in an accident. Your personal auto insurance likely covers rental cars, but if you do not own a car, then you would be strongly advised to purchase the rental car company’s liability insurance.

    No credit card provides liability insurance.
    Feb 240
  • Amazon m111
    Chase Sapphire card has primary coverage and some other cards might have too.
    Feb 240

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