How dumbass Trump got here

Microsoft Big Pun
Jan 9

Trump’s been taking L’s all of 2018. Ever since Mueller. Every week it was shit news for Trump.

Then, Fox News decided to say that Trump needs to build this wall if he wants to win in 2020. Thats why we’re here.

Thanks Fox News. You put Trump in a corner and now government is shut down. I hope government shuts down for a looong time. Because this is #Trumpshutdown


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  • New TaaT11
    Am I the only one that doesn't give a 🦆
    Jan 92
    • Apple magikarp16
      You must have a lot of privilege to not be affected by this.
      Jan 9
    • Google / Engomaewamou
      Or maybe he's not a virtue signaller
      Jan 9
  • Goldman Sachs / OtherNeedful TC
    Cool story bro
    Jan 90
  • Microsoft / EngCacadoodoo
    How many LC did Trump have to do to get his offer as President?
    Jan 90
  • Twitch FUI
    Just like what you said about Fox News, you are being manipulated by mainstream liberal medias. Don’t blindly believe what they want you to believe in. No I am not a Trump supporter.
    Jan 91
    • Nielsen / Eng


      What do you support lol
      Jan 9
  • Airbnb Knzx
    "how dumbass Trump got here"
    Nice English. You can't even write a grammatically correct phrase or sentence.
    Jan 91
    • Goldman Sachs / OtherNeedful TC
      I think you dropped this .
      Jan 9
  • New / Eng


    TC or GTFO
    Jan 90
  • New / Engi i i
    If Hillary and DNC were not such an arrogant corrupt dicks, people would not be forced to vote for Donald. Hillary's fault.
    I did not vote for Trump.
    Jan 90
  • Oracle ypoint
    Smells like something got fried
    Jan 90

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