How is Mabel Mattos elementary school in great mall area?

Groupon / EngXxEW
Mar 11 10 Comments

Recently looking at townhomes in great mall area, does anyone know about this new elementary school called Mabel Mattos? Will it be a good elementary school?


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  • Splunk mrsplunker
    It has already become lottery based
    Mar 152
    • Groupon / EngXxEW
      You mean student overflow? Is that because its just in phase 1?
      Mar 15
    • Splunk mrsplunker
      They have just 2 classrooms for k and 2 or 3 for grade 1. All the new housing in that area is full of young families - so demand is greater than supply. Hence lottery.
      Mar 16
  • Microsoft


    Taco Bell, Campbell Soup, Jack in the Box
    Milpitas? Doesn’t it stink?
    Mar 112
    • Facebook thezucc
      You don’t have many options if you are not a multi millionaire. Milpitas is a decent city in the Bay Area.
      Mar 11
    • Groupon / EngXxEW
      Not for some area, I hear the area near and beyond 680 are not stinky
      Mar 11
  • Nvidia roombay
    School only for kids from new homes, so all asian and bound to be 10
    Mar 121
    • Groupon / EngXxEW
      Do you live in that area? If so can I pm you for some questions I have? Thanks!
      Mar 12
  • Google 1234-/:;(
    You can check and see that they are ranked 6/10
    Mar 111
    • Groupon / EngXxEW
      Thanks, but I couldn’t find Mabel Mattos on this site
      Mar 11

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