How much does your current level matter when you move?

Uber dhdbdhdud
Jun 12 8 Comments

I am L4 at Uber right now and wondering if I should wait until I get L5 before looking for opportunities. What do you guys think? I will probably move to a public company like FANG or late-stage private companies like AirBnB.


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  • Uber / Eng hotboi
    In the same boat, wait until L5. Uber is pretty conservative with leveling compared to the market (imo) so you will be much more likely to land a job after hitting senior.
    Jun 12 2
    • Google rafaNadal
      Not half as conservative as Google is :(
      Jun 12
    • Google verysundar
      Lol. Uber is horribly generous with levelling.
      Jun 12
  • Uber uBlame
    It won't help your external leveling, but your presumably higher post promo comp will help get some negotiating leverage on that side. But 3 months may also be a long time to wait if the "right" thing comes along sooner
    Jun 12 0
  • Oracle / Eng such1slife
    Pay depends on level most times. Also, promotions at new job doesn't come easily.

    If you are positive of getting a promotion stay and move later on.
    Jun 12 0
  • Quora iSjP52
    Do companies negotiate versus your current comp? Esp if you are paid significantly above what you might expect from your current YOE?
    Jun 12 1
  • New ewTc57
    Companies look at your YOE and current comp. Even you are at L5 if you probably will be given a high L4 or Low to medium comp on L5
    Jun 12 0


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