How people do to have multiple offers at same time

SAP kbron
Dec 6, 2018 9 Comments

I wonder what people do in order to have multiple offers at same time?

I mean normally offers have a life of 1 or 2 weeks. I wonder how can people have more than 2 offers at same time? Maybe there is something that I don't know?

I know interviewing in many places can help but controlling timings in companies seem hard. One time I interviewed in a place and offered the job 1 month after. So things are not quite predictable.



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TOP 9 Comments
  • DoorDash DD++
    Try to line up interviews close to each other. Once a company tells you they want to move forward to offer stage, tell them you're completing your interview process with a few other companies as well. Usually, companies are willing to wait 2-3 weeks. Once you have finished all interviews, you then move forward with discussing offer details. The 1 week deadline companies enforce starts when they present you with the offer details.
    Dec 6, 20181
    • SAP kbron
      Wow I didn't know this. Thx
      Dec 6, 2018
  • Informatica yes1
    Take vacation and do 5 interviews in a week
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Amazon / EngGHskann
    Personally I do interviews in waves so all the onsites are near one another. Also a little embellishment of the timelines.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • New / Design


    You need to coordinate 5 interviews all within about two weeks, to secure at least 2 offers, that way at least you have a choice of where you want to work.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Google blindsun
    Not always true about having multiple offers. Some offers + some lies + some confidence.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Microsoft *cW2x91p
    do to have, wtf?
    Dec 7, 20180
  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    If you have a lot of experience, you’re often “interviewing” with people you know and sometimes published papers, etc, with.
    The last time I was looking, I had three offers and turned down two other companies that wanted me to interview.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Qualcomm / Eng0x1BADB002
    In my case 2 recruiters contacted around 1 week apart and I eventually had 2 offers
    Dec 6, 20180

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