How to deal wih day to day work when you start leetcoding ?

Salesforce LeviosaBoy
Nov 4 8 Comments

Do you start to slack ? How do you not let your day to day work at main job get affected ? Being sincere at your job would leave you with no energy to study later and slacking too much is not really professional and can get you in trouble. Any sound strategies for dealing with this ?

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  • Cisco / Eng jazk27
    Stay active in the scrum meetings and opt for work items strategically. And also, I hide in a remote meeting room and practice leetcode mock tests right after lunch and then, get back to work again.

    This would make sure you are preparing when you are fresh in the middle of the day.
    Nov 4 0
  • Oracle R2d2c3p0
    No one is that busy. Make time.
    Nov 4 3
    • Salesforce LeviosaBoy
      You didn't any useful information here and stated something that everyone is aware of.
      Nov 4
    • Cause you work at Oracle? Step out, there are busier people
      Nov 4
    • Oracle R2d2c3p0
      Too busy to do even 2 problems a day? All I am saying is if you convince yourself that you are too busy to do leetcode in order to move to another job, then it will be hard no matter what.
      Nov 4
  • Apple / Eng fgy78
    I would just spent 1 hour on leetcode in the morning, arrive at work a bit later and work as usual. Leetcoding at work is too distracting. Additionally, spend 4 hours during each weekend. If you keep this disciple, you should be ready for the interviews in 2 months
    Nov 4 0
  • Apple / Eng sexybezos🍌
    Yea you have to sacrifice the job at the altar of leetcode. The demon god demands a blood offering.

    I’m only half kidding here.
    Nov 4 0
  • Snapchat jvfrsv
    Weekends? 1 medium/hard question every 1-2 day for a couple of months will help.
    Nov 4 0


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