How to deal with noisy neighbors

Salesforce nahson
Mar 10 17 Comments

My neighbors keep playing tv super loud. So loud that in my apartment, it feels like I’m standing right outside a movie theater.

I’ve gone over to them once and asked to turn it down. They turned it down a bit but not enough to stop it from coming through to our apartment.

And couple days later, it starts all over and going over every time is annoying.

What are my options in this situation? I’ve talked to the president of HOA and he said neighbors are encouraged to handle these situations by themselves 🙄

Should I still make a written complain to the HOA? What are other actions I can take to stop this for good?


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  • Amazon hsysysvsbh
    Call cops on them
    Mar 100
  • Google Mmkaay
    I used to have that kind of neighbors:
    1st time: I asked nicely
    2nd time: They ignored me knocking at the door so I cut the power on their apartment
    3rd time: I started doing the same 3-5 AM.

    A week or two later they moved out 😂
    Mar 103
    • Cognizant APIPM
      How did you cut the power?
      Mar 10
    • Google Mmkaay
      There was a power box under the stairs that has a switch for each apartment
      Mar 10
    • Cognizant APIPM
      Oh boy:)
      Mar 10
  • Amazon Fetch
    Have them come to your place while they have their TV on. Be nice about it, just explain that you want to enjoy your home but the volume of their TV is really impacting your ability to relax and spend time in your home.
    Mar 100
  • Intel movaxbx
    Record it , then share with them. Your wall most likely is hollow. You might raise the issue to a point is getting it fully insulated
    Mar 100
  • Juniper sicksikh
    Do the same back at them. Crank up the tv volume loud or play loud rock or rap music loud towards their apartment.
    Mar 103
    • Microsoft summ
      That would only make them turn the volume up even more
      Mar 10
    • Box / EngFamelMon
      For the love of God please do not do this.
      Mar 10
    • Juniper scandeep
      If the HOA doesn’t take any action then what else can you do?
      Mar 11
  • Amazon randomnest
    Fight fire with fire. Crank up the volume of a pornhub vid.
    Mar 101
    • Box / EngFamelMon
      It won't work. Be nice. Not passive aggressive.
      Mar 10
  • Apple comm109876
    I used to have a neighbor that every weekend would throw parties with many people and loud music until 2-3Am. Many times I knocked on his door and asked nicely but he wouldn’t keep it down. One Sunday I set up my alarm at 6AM and headed over his door, which I was pounding very hard until he got up all fucked up from the last night, then I told him again to stop doing that. He stopped.
    Mar 120
  • PayPal TeEB56
    Are you hearing any other sounds too? 😀
    Mar 220
  • ViaSat / Designmark1650
    Used to live in an apartment in Sunnyvale. I know what ur going through. It sucks. Maybe try making friends with them. That's probably the only way it ends well.
    Mar 110
  • VMware BobbleHat
    This is why you get a job that pays enough to get a real house.
    Mar 110

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