How to get into Quant Research?

Oct 10 6 Comments

I’m a master’s student studying CS, and I use a lot of applied math in my work doing theoretical neuroscience and deep learning research. i’ve heard quants make a ton of money for an intense workload and environment, how can I transition into being a good applicant for these roles?

My two Master’s are from Harvard and Georgia Tech. I’m thinking of picking up another in applied math from John’s Hopkins.


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  • Google / Eng cigsinside
    what is the use in 3 masters?
    Oct 10 3
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      Clearly better than two. He needs to pick up a couple more then PhD will be unnecessary
      Oct 10
    • OP
      LOL well I have a scholarship and would likely be 24 when it’s all done so time wise I think I’m okay. Do you think I need the third masters in applied math to get past resume screens for quant positions?
      Oct 11
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      I’m afraid for a quant a masters degrees is almost a negative. It’s a dead end degree. Three masters sounds terrifying to me. Get other opinions though. The quants usually have some kind of PhD. I’d do CFA instead it’s more difficult and relevant
      Oct 11
  • Prudential -asdf-
    Your best bet would be to land a quant dev role and then transition into quant research in 2-3 years. Pay for quant devs at top places is on par with FANGs.
    Oct 14 1
    • Fannie Mae sDEB48
      I agree, knowing applied quant will teach you a lot too. Check out the top places: Two Sigma, Jane Street, Citadel, etc.

      You’ll most likely need to study a lot for interviews if you haven’t already done leetcode grind. I’ve heard these places do leetcode hards, statistics, and finance questions for quant roles.
      Oct 14


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