How to get respect at work

Visa eLKo13
Feb 28 5 Comments

How do you show aptitude in a brand new project and gain respect from teammates who do not naturally understand the position of a new person ramping up? How do you balance between proving your abilities while still being brand new to everything and need the help of co-workers to ramp up?


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  • Expedia / Engwid
    Doing a lot of your own research, internally and externally. Internally - what your team had been doing, what other teams within the company had been doing, understanding project roadmap. Externally - how other companies are solving a similar problem. Basically come prepared and be able to make sound recommendation / comments during meeting.

    Instead of asking coworkers about something directly, ask them to point you to where you can find the info yourself.

    Also if you are experienced enough you can recognize patterns and relate to previous project experience.

    Good luck! :)
    Feb 280
  • Google hiremeplz
    Work hard
    Feb 280
  • Microsoft pulkitraj
    Find the biggest mofo and take him out
    Feb 280
  • Yahoo / Eng


    Be a feminist. Be a manager. Get flaky. Mess with everyone. Put fear in people. Pretend you did nothing. That's what I see here.
    Mar 20
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    Buy everyone a 🍺

    (Not really joking, working and contributing to the team gets you so far. Socializing and getting to know someone senior to back you goes a long way. Shit hits the fan, they new guy gets the boot unless they are exceptional)
    Feb 280

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