How to prepare for interview at palantir

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Hi all, I have been invited to an onsite at palantir. have about a month to prepare. what would be the best strategy to prepare?

background: i went to a good university but basically hardly paid any attention in classea but ending up really good. my data structures & algos are weak and i cant even manager to do hackerrank/leetcode easy questions. however i have 1 yoe at a start up. is there any materials to get me to a strong enough competency so i can attempt the leetcode/hackerrank questions


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  • Salesforce sammylou
    1. Decomposition/system design question
    2. Programming/leetcode medium
    3. Debugging
    4. Hiring manager

    Overall fairly straightforward process. You'll also be shown a product demo.
    Sep 24 4
    • OP
      If im struggling with leetcode questions where would you suggest i start off with to brush up my knowledge?
      Sep 25
    • Salesforce sammylou
      Well... Leetcode if you're struggling with that. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. Plenty of online courses and readings for that if necessary.
      Sep 25
    • Riot Games qHdjVwo
      Hey Salesforce, do you know if the hiring Manager interview is guaranteed? What's the process like after the Hiring Manager interview?
      Oct 8
    • Palantir hkir82
      @Riot It's not guaranteed – if you do well in your 3 technical interviews then you'll get the HM one. Most people get an offer if they get to the HM round, but it's definitely not guaranteed. If the HM wants to hire you, you'll get an offer (almost definitely), if they don't but think you could be a better fit in another part of the company, then you might have another interview with a different HM. Obviously if they don't think you're a good fit then you won't get an offer. I got my offer a week after the HM interview. The HM round is mostly behavioral, but there might be a quick technical question depending on the HM or if one of your tech interviewers thought the HM should give you another one
      Oct 11
  • New XCCw34
    You might find this useful. Make sure to know debugging and optimization.
    Sep 26 0


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