How's Apple Siri for a backend SWE position?

The New York Times UQdz76
Mar 9 11 Comments

Seems like it's mostly incremental work at this point. What is the work like? Any chance to learn about/work on ML related stuff?


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  • Apple zrqv72
    What does ml related stuff mean? Are you modeling? No. Are you supporting those who run models - maybe, depending on the team.
    Mar 10 2
    • The New York Times UQdz76
      Ok makes sense. How is internal mobility between non-ML roles/teams?
      Mar 10
    • Apple zrqv72
      Good as long as you are value add. But usually nobody does it before a year is up.
      Mar 12
  • Apple / Eng yVcI11
    Are you actually qualified to do ML work? Or just hoping absorb the knowledge thru adjacency? Domains teams essentially write and debug commands just like alexa skills.

    Apple has symposiums, meetups and publications on AI but you'll have to put in extra effort outside your 9 to 5 job duties to study / attend. No different than if you were doing a masters, tho.
    Mar 17 1
    • The New York Times UQdz76
      Not qualified in the least, was just curious about whether I would get exposure to it at all. Makes sense about the extra effort, thanks for the insight!
      Mar 18
  • Apple umnr88
    Where is the role located? You'd be moving from NYC to SF?
    Mar 10 1
    • The New York Times UQdz76
      Mar 11
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    How is NYT?
    Mar 9 1
    • The New York Times UQdz76
      Fairly decent actually:
      + good WLB, good mission, good culture, some shiny new cloud tech
      - management is hit or miss, lots of variation depending on team, some super old systems, mostly consensus based decision making, avg comp
      Anything in particular you want to know? DM me
      Mar 9
  • Apple pIYg55
    Which team? Siri is a big org
    Mar 11 1
    • The New York Times UQdz76
      It's a domains team
      Mar 11