How’s Stripe?

Facebook ASAD11
Jul 14 5 Comments

Searched but haven’t seen a post on Blind in 2019. Glassdoor data is similarly outdated.


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  • Stripe exJX72
    It’s ok
    Jul 15 0
  • Stripe commoner
    It's ok. Reaching a point where the tech approach needs to be slightly more Enterprise and it doesn't seem to be doing so. People are going ape about types in Ruby but sorbet leaves a lot to be desired
    Jul 30 0
  • Amazon NJFm32
    I don't work there, but communication with a manager and one employee was really convincing. Seems like a good place to work. According to salary is on par with others.
    Jul 14 0
  • Salesforce torbmain
    Phone call with a recruiter soon, following.
    Jul 14 0
  • New Yo4zd1
    Following 🍿
    Jul 14 0