I have received an RFE for the time-period of specialty occupation. Should I ask my employer to withdraw my H1B

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Jul 6 14 Comments

I'm working for a consulting company. I have received an RFE for the time-period of my specialty occupation as my company doesn't have SOWs beyond Dec 31st 2019. It's likely that my company won't get SOWs for the next year until Oct 2019, so my H1B end date will probably get truncated to Dec 31st 2019(Only 3 months) if approved. Please note that I have applied through change of status. 
Now my company is planning to file for an H1B extension in Nov 2019 after receiving new SOWs and then they will be doing this every subsequent year

1] What will be my visa status between Dec 31st and my extension approval date(In case of premium processing suspension)? 
2] Can I switch employers between Oct 2019 and my extension approval date? 
3] When should I travel to my country to get my H1B stamped? After/Before extension? 
4] Should I go ahead with this process? Is it safe for my visa status? I have my OPT till 2021. I'm I sabotaging a safe visa status in a hope for H1B and reducing my stay? Should I ask my employer to withdraw my H1B application? Is there a charge involved which I'll have to pay?


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  • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
    Not answering your questions: My advice to you is to work hard on your coding skills and get a full time job. You don’t want to be scraping for bits and pieces with contracting and you’ll never know when it will be declined. Besides if you end up in a public company, the money is much nicer with RSU’s adding to your TC.
    Jul 6 12
    • Softvision AOoB63
      @Brazuka - what a logical rebuttal ! Bravo !
      Jul 7
    • Softvision AOoB63
      @Yolo! - So what’s your point if cognizant has taken over SoftVision ? .... $180k all base btw we don’t have RSUs in Wall St ... btw I’ve had FTE too, just switched from one to Softvision early this year ...
      Jul 7
    • Microsoft / Product

      Microsoft Product

      Bain & Company
      You're not really Wall st!!!
      Jul 7
    • Softvision AOoB63
      Like I said I’ve worked FTE at Wall Street n now I’m contracting @ Wall Street ... ( clearly you can’t read very well )
      Jul 7
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      Cognizant is a bodyshop company, I’d stay away. My base is $185k, but have RSU’s per year that are 1.5 times the base salary. So you can do the math.
      Jul 7
  • Amazon Barsoom
    Actually it’s better to get into any company in a full time role to learn and grow and not have hassle of H1B renewals. Also if it’s multi country then it’s easier to move countries.
    Jul 6 0


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